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    Road to DymeDigital | ft. Darren Hall (Sketch)

    What’s going on ya’ll?

    As a documentary spoof for my media sketchbook class at UCSD, Darren and I got together in attempt to bring together our passions for this project. For him it is audio production, voiceover work, podcasting and things of that nature; for me however, my passion is DymeDigital. I enjoy video production, producing podcasts, photography and even some graphic designing.

    So we took those elements for the sketch. Although not thought of at the time, hopefully somewhere down the line DymeDigital will actually be able to produce a web series titled, Road to DymeDigital where get to speak to clients, employees as well as spectators.

    This is just a sketch. To check out Darren’s Microwavable Culture podcast click here.

    Thank you all for checking out this video. Leave some feedback, subscribe on youtube and follow our social media.

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